It´s Englischtime!!!!

I decide to go on with my blog on englisch...

I love playing´s so much fun to play with the idiots from my class. They are so stupid...the ball comes in their direction and you do nothing elso exept standing on one point and wath the ball hit your feet and smile...I really love it

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Same Old Storie, Same Old End

We had today outung...we were playing was far as it can be fun with the monsters from my class.

I´ve got a new favorite movie "Freaky Friday" should be help to learn english

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Keep Your Hand Off My Boy

Why does the stupid and the ugly people have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? I mean what´s the reason, that I don´t have one ?????????????????????????????????

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How To The Hall Am I ?

Ich habe jetzt kein Bock mehr auf Englisch zu schreiben...

Naja, eigentlich ist nix passiert, außer meinen Stimmungsschawankungen. Ich hasse sowas.

Im Moment weiß ich nicht, was mit mir los ist...

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